Doomsday Asteroid Officially Upgraded in Size
An asteroid that scientists said could threaten Earth’s atmosphere in 2036 is now believed to be substantially larger than previously stated. In fact, astronomers currently studying the dreaded, potential doomsday rock say asteroid 'Apophis' has officially been supersized b…
Leave Video Messages For The Future [REVIEW]
Let me introduce you to Evergram, currently set to be released later this year. It's purpose is to allow you to record 15 second messages into a smartphone, camera, or computer webcam and then select the date for the message to be played. Currently in beta, it has thousands of satisfied users a…
Dirty Needles Are Putting Thousands At Risk Nationwide
Recently we heard of hundreds of people receiving injections with tainted medications, now, health officials are facing a quiet threat that was supposed to die with the advent of the disposable syringe more than 50 years ago: dirty needles. We trust the medical professionals when they recommend shot…
Why Doesn’t Eggnog Make Us Sick?
This popular holiday drink is traditionally made by combining raw eggs, rum and dairy and leaving it all in the fridge for up to six weeks. We basically drink our weight in the stuff every December -- how on earth have we managed to avoid being sick all this time?

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