A Look Back At The Great Hurricane of 1938 [VIDEO]
Like most of us, I too am concerned about Hurricane Sandy, and the devastation going on in the Northeast. I always sleep with the radio on, and as I drifted in and out of sleep last night, I marveled at today's technology, for the information I was receiving was up to the second.
Tsunami Debris Adds To Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Pop cans and candy wrappers.  Plastic bottles and plastic bags.  Rope.  Propane tanks.
The stuff that gets thrown away and ends up in the Pacific Ocean never really goes away - it just ends up collecting in a giant "swirl of garbage" that's called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Currents …
Fly Over the Earth for Free [VIDEO]
Ever wonder what it would be like to travel in space over our planet? Do you have $25 million dollars to blow on that trip? Here's where Priceline might not be able to help you. Imagine that phone call, "can you book me on a space ship flight for August?"...I think you would h…
Higgs-Boson Particle Discovery Costs Stephen Hawking $100
As scientists pour over the documentation and celebrate the proof of the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle - the so-called "God particle", it appears that Stephen Hawking has lost some money.
Hawking has placed a bet that Peter Higgs' 1960- theory about the particle field w…

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