Do You Believe in the Supernatural?
Often times older people are misjudged. For example, the adage that the older people get, the more skeptical they become. Actually, this is a fallacy according to a report in AARP Magazine.
Could You Lose Your Job To A Computer
Since the advent of smart computers, people have always said they will take over. Look at the grocery store and some department stores with the self check out. Auto assembly lines too. There are some jobs safe from computer take over.
Study Finds Black Sabbath Helps Plants Grow
If you intend to show the wicked world a cornucopia of green thumb power this gardening season (and you probably don't, but keep reading) you had better start exposing your precious sweet leaf to plenty of Black Sabbath.
Does Size Matter? According to Australian Women, it Does
Most guys have tremendous ego's, especially when it comes to the length of a certain male member. Yup, we've been known to stand in front of a full length mirror calling ourselves "Mr. Big" on more than one occasion. As USA Today reports on the question of whether &qu…

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