Just like neckties, hem-lines, and fashions the food world isn't immune to trends.  It looks like an old favorite is gaining popularity in five-star restaurants as carrots are showing up on more and more plates in some of the trendiest establishments.

In particular, the emergence of so-called heirloom carrots has sparked the trend, with a variety of dishes showcasing the carrot in all it's "au-natural" glory - orange or not.  Industry observers also speculate that the recent popularity of the carrot is derived from it's familiarity as well as economics;  Simply said, carrots are relatively inexpensive to grow and can be grown in a variety of weather and soil conditions.

Some chefs also point to the season;  As a root vegetable, carrots are better in the fall - as opposed to those that are picked in the late spring or summer.

Whatever the reason for the carrots turn in the sun, it's always a good reason to enjoy one of nature's "crunchy" vegetables!