A couple  weekends ago I was sorting out my clothes closet. I had a few garment bags of show clothes in there, and I decided to check some sizes, see what needed pressing, stuff like that.. I ran across a half dozen shirts I got from Lansky's in Memphis. I wore a couple at the Hall of Fame, I remember. Brought back some memories for sure. Little did I know that just a couple days later, Bernard Lansky, The man who dressed Elvis, would be dead at 85..

Elvis would purchase clothing from Lansky's from time to time, before he hit it big. He trusted Bernard and Lansky's had clothes you couldn't get any place else .As Elvis grew in popularity, he bought more and more from Lansky's, and became a lifelong customer. Bernard Lansky picked out the outfit the Elvis wore for his burial. As Lansky would say many times,  “I put his first suit on him and his last suit on him.