Bayfront Blues Festival favorite Reverend Raven & The Chain Smokin Altar Boys will be burnin up the Acoustic Tent at the 26th Annual Bayfront Blues Festival Saturday August 9th from 8:35 to 9 p.m. You'll hear your favorites as well as songs from their acclaimed "Shake Your Boogie" album

I interviewed the good Reverend and in it you'll hear how he chose their name, a certain artist he saw that confirmed is desire to be a blues-man, hear him discuss several of the songs on the album "Shake Your Boogie," a legendary blues icon who he reminds me of (and his reply,) and how you can be a part of his new 20th Anniversary CD.

Enjoy the interview,come see him,and order your tickets today for the 26th Annual Bayfront Blues Festival August 8-10th. I'll see you there!