With Black Friday kicking off the Holiday shopping season, it's important all of us safeguard ourselves and be on the look out for suspicious activity as well. With so many things on our minds, I know it's easy for complacency to set it. The Superior Police Department reminds us that by each of us remembering a few simple things, it will make holiday shopping much safer.

If you own or are employed by a retail business, you should be on the watch for counterfeit money, twenty and fifty dollar bills especially. If you have any doubt, notify your supervisor immediately. Of course, proper ID for those using checks for purchases.

Shoplifting is at it's peak at this time of year, and people will shoplift anything, believe me. Many shoplifters prefer to work in teams, one keeping the clerk busy, while the other takes the merchandise. Shoplifters have even been known to work in gangs of four or more, which makes the problem even more difficult.

While shoppers are making purchases inside the store, thieves are busy canvassing vehicles outside the store. Breaking in vehicles is a huge problem this time of year. Shoppers should store all purchases out of sight, and when possible, park in a well lit area. Be sure all doors are locked as well. If shop owners or employees should see suspicious activity around a vehicle, do not be afraid to call 911 and ask an officer to check it out. Getting a description of the vehicle, and plate number surely helps, however do not place yourself at risk. Best to observe and report and call 911.

Ladies, I don't need to remind you to hang on tight to your purse or bag. Often times carrying many packages, one simply hangs their purse over the shoulder making it easy for a would be thief to snatch and run away quickly. Shopping with another adult is in my opinion, safer than alone as well. The old safety in numbers rule.

I'm sure you all now these basic safety rules, however when we are preoccupied, we sometimes tend to let our guard down..and that's just what thieves are waiting for.