Jim Harbaugh today asked the NFL to look into things that are being said by Green Bay about 49er QB Colin Kaepernick is very similar to things that were being said by New Orleans about Brett Favre back a few years ago.

Clay Matthews gave an interview to ESPN radio and said they plan to put a lick on read-option quarterbacks when given a shot. According to Yahoo!sports Harbaugh is quoted as saying; "You're hearing a lot of tough talk right now, you're hearing some intimidating type of talk, the same thing we were hearing a couple years ago," Harbaugh said.  "A man will usually tell you his bad intentions if you just listen. You know what's being said publicly, not what's being said privately. You hope that their intent isn't going to be anything that's not within the rules."

Are Green Bay Packer defensive players putting a bounty on Colin's head if he runs. Doesn't sound like it to me. Sounds like the same old tug of war that most teams use to inspire. Are they going to hit him hard? Yes! Are they wanting revenge for last years playoff loss in which he set an NFL record for QB rushing? You bet!!! Do they want to hurt him so he can't earn a livng? I doubt it.

The Packers face two quarterbacks who run similar style offenses, this week Colin Kaepernick, next week RGIII. So, I think it might be a message to both guys. Clay Matthews went on to say he wants to get his hits early so they make the guys afraid to run the option at them and make them uncomfortable.

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