Been to the doctor lately?  You might have noticed that some physicians are making use of iPads and smart phones to serve you better;  Whether they're looking up diagnoses or searching your actual electronic medical file, modern technology is helping them do their job better.  Now, that same technology is about to make your next airline flight better.

American Airlines is starting to provide iPads to their pilots and flight attendants in an effort to make their job easier.  Specifically, American is providing those employees with a Samsung Galaxy Note.

So how will an iPad affect your flight?

Well, American plans on loading flight manifests onto the machines for pilots and attendants.  That way, they'll have access to your name and any other information you share at their fingertips.  Allergy?  The attendants would know that (if you declare it) and not offer you peanuts off the cart.

Some industry observers even see the process going to the next logical step, with integration of social media - like Facebook.  Need an example of how that would work?  With social media integration, not only would the flight attendant have access to your name off the manifest, but they could also click and see your interests or maybe where you're heading on the plane trip.

The possibilities are endless.  We'll just have to see how it all plays out.