It's getting to crunch time and you need a costume for the office party, and you haven't even started on it. Last year you were a Cleveland Browns fan, which meant you wore a bag over your head and whatever you had on. It worked and you didn't even have to do any work. Well, here's some more ideas that will work, and you don't have to shell out a bunch of money.

Here's 5 costumes for you this year, to change up your look, and still be very lazy.

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5. Sexy Chick.....What you need is your body, and something you think is kind of sexy but tastefully sexy (is there anything like that?) and wear it out. Ever wondered how that thing hanging in Victoria's Secret would look on you, but you're too shy to buy it. Make it a Halloween costume and you're in!! (Plus, now you have a rockin' Victoria's Secret outfit for something else, or someone else.

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4. Santa Claus....Oh come on guys, who can't resist a hug from Santa, and when they get drunk enough will tell you what they really want. If nothing else you are the most popular guy at the party and the hot girls will at least talk to you, if they won't go out with you. Who can say no to Santa? What you need is to rent a Santa outfit....done!

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3. A Hot Storm Trooper.......Pretty much you need a hot body, a Storm Trooper Mask, and whatever you want to throw together. Remember, the key here is  show some skin and/or cleavage. Like the Santa outfit in number 4, getting a date will be easy, and it's a night of free drinks. (Warning, make sure you have a driver, or a friend to look out for you).

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2. Opera Lady......some people call this the fat lady outfit. This one works for guys and girls. This is the obvious Fat Lady that sings when the night is over. What you need for this, your Minnesota Vikings Hat with horns (it will work with a cheesehead too), a dress, maybe shoulder pads, and a sword. Oh and put on a little weight, great time to break your diet.

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1. Zombie.....get some clothes, spray paint blood, black and gray, rip them, get a $2 make up kit from your local Halloween store and do your face up, and are a zombie! Now you are hip, because Zombies are in, and you didn't spend hardly any money, you put in very little work, and you probably napped while you finished this one.

Have fun!! Don't forget to be safe and check your candy!

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