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As some of you are looking for a good or cheap Halloween Costume, I offer my opinions or ideas to you this season. I will also give you a reason to choose that outfit. Here are my Top Halloween Costumes of 2013.

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Mylie Cyrus and Robin Thicke-The Twerk outfits. These are probably cheap outfits and would make you the talk of the office or school. Find the old Beetlejuice suit you wore 20 years ago and pull it out, that will work for the suit. As far as the twerking outfit Mylie wore, you could spend the money on the teddy outfit she had, but once she shed that, it's just bra and underwear......CHEAP!! Oh and a foam finger.

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Ron Burgandy "The Anchorman", hip again with the second installment coming out, it's really cheap to put this bad boy together. Go to a second hand store, buy a suit that's out of date, get a fake mustache, and grease your hair a little to get the desired cheesy effect. Now you are the coolest costume.


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In looking at options for women, there aren't a lot. I don't know if it's because women like to look hot for Halloween. When I was combing through the costume stores, every women's outfit began with "Sexy" there was sexy nurse, sexy army girl, sexy batgirl......you get the idea. So, ladies if that is what you want to be....sexy.....then you can go anywhere with this one. Why not, Sexy Hillary Clinton.....ok, maybe not that one. Maria Munoz was a lady wrestler for a couple of weeks and all she wore was a bikini....so be a sexy wrestler.




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How about painting your face white getting a geisha wig and go to a lingerie store and buy a silk bathrobe, be a geisha girl. (Besides, now you have a silk bathrobe you can keep)




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Plus sized ladies, get a plastic viking helmet, put on a nice dress (show a little cleavage) and now you are the opera woman. Anyone calls you a name, tell them you are there to sing, and they are over!!!




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Finally for kids. ghost!! Bedsheet, marker, scissors.....done.