The new crazy trend is a $43 martini made with what they call genuine San Francisco fog.  I expected it to be just a bottle of air, but what really happens is that the vodka is harvested water from the fog in San Francisco.  That got me thinking of all the opportunities we have right here in our own backyard.


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    Lake Superior Fog

    We have our own fog we could bottle.  Yes, we are copying something that's already been done, but imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

    Phil Walter/Getty Images
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    Dew Off The Strawberry Leaves At Fink's Strawberry Farm In Wrenshall

    How about the delicious dew of the leaves of the strawberry harvest?  There's lots of strawberry farms in the area, but my personal favorite would be Fink's Strawberry Farm in Wrenshall.  (of course)

    Abid Katib/Getty Images
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    Water That Drips Off The Aerial Lift Bridge

    Admit it.  If you're a local and have walked near the Aerial Lift Bridge after it's rained, you've been dripped on.  Of course you hope and pray it's water off the bridge and not urine of an unsanitary lake gull (I was informed they are not sea gulls in Canal Park).  We could use that questionable water to make $$$ by bottling it and serving it as a favorite libation. I've got a name picked out too, instead of H20, we'll call it Aerial20. (patented Cathy Kates 2016).

    Nick Cooper-TSM Duluth
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    Water Melting Off The Icicles Hanging On The DECC

    We'll have to wait for those sunny winter days, but once they hit we'll have some incredible icicles to gather dripping water from to bottle and use as mix.  I have an awesome name for this one too (I'm on a roll).  Wait for it?  DECC-a-dent Hydromix (patented Cathy Kates 2016).  Yeah?  Yeah?

    VCG/Getty Images