It's very beautiful inside, but depending on the day you want it might be a bit pricey.

It says $193 dollars a night before you choose a date, and you must stay for two nights, when I looked into dates closer to the summer it gave me $338 a night and with taxes and whatever else they add on, it's over $1000 total. Now if you want to stay in a place that is unique, then that is affordable.

I would imagine it would be quite noisy, take into account if it is foggy, the foghorn goes off all night and that is right outside your window. So is the Aerial Lift Bridge, so if a ship comes in at 5 am, you hear the boat and the bridge speak to each other right outside your window.

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A company called Heirloom manages the property, but if you want to stay there, the company says you check yourself in with keys in the lockbox.

Here's what some of the description says:

3 bed, 1.5 bath home, with kitchen, and a grill outside, w/free parking in the heart of Duluth, and Park Point neighborhood. Steps away from Canal Park, where you will find fantastic restaurants, bars, boutiques, coffee shops, art galleries & more. The backyard space is not fenced and you may have tourists walking through the area to get to the public beach access.


It goes on to say it is not a "quiet" summer vacation spot, with the people on Park Point, the traffic, and the noise of the bridge, and other things on the canal, but is the prime place to be if you want to be on the beach and part of the heart of Duluth. It mentions how noisy the bridge and ships are and it happens many times a day, plus you can hear the maritime museum as they describe the boat. Finally, it mentions being "Bridged" when you want to go somewhere.

Also, leave the pets at home, they are not allowed.  One more thing, it says if you rent in colder months, be prepared for snow.

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You Can Rent This House

The house next to the Aerial Lift Bridge is an AirBNB, here are the pictures of the property

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