Accuracy is important; This election cycle, it could keep someone off the ballot in Wisconsin.  A challenge is in place over the Green Party candidate - due to the use of an incorrect address listed on some of the application petition forms. The Wisconsin Elections Commission is considering a request to invalidate the submission.

Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins and running mate Angela Walker submitted 3,737 signatures to their names listed on Wisconsin ballots for the November general election; that's 1,737 more than they needed to get.  However, the complaint entered to the Wisconsin Elections Commission shows that "2,046 of those signatures appeared on petitions that don't list Walker's current address.  The complaint contends those signatures should be stricken" - which would put Hawkins and Walker under the needed amount according to news sources.

The candidates suggest that the move to reject the signatures is "trivial". Apparently Walker moved during the petition signature-getting process, so her address did change.  However, the campaign says that they worked with the Wisconsin Elections Commission at the time to make sure that their paperwork was filled out correctly.

At this time, the campaign hasn't filed an official response to the challenge.  The Wisconsin Elections Commission is expected to take up the petition signature challenge when they meet at an upcoming session.  In a bit of other high-profile news, one of the other items that they will vote on is whether or not to allow Kanye West's name on the Wisconsin ballot; West's would-be campaign has been under inspection across the country as challengers suggest he's not serious about running for office.

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