This is something that Denmark wants its people to do, it might be convenient, you wouldn't have to bring that card everywhere.

That's right, science alert is saying that MIT has come up with ink that is like a temporary tattoo that is put on your arm next to the vaccination that can only be seen by a special camera app. This "dot" of ink would be put next to the actual vaccine itself and could be checked by traveling officials and FAA people to see if you are vaccinated. Making travel easy or getting into concerts or events.

ABC News says the Danish government is looking at a sort of tattoo that would work digitally to let authorities know that you are vaccinated so you can travel, or any other activity.  This could be used for athletes in the Olympics or any other major sport.

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With so much traffic in the Twin Ports shipping lanes, this would make things easy when checking people working on the Ocean-going ships or any ship for that matter. Some of the workers could easily make it through lines and make it safer with some of the foreign workers coming into the Twin Ports.

The FDA is saying that we need to be careful with the tattoo that is picked to represent the vaccination process and who is vaccinated and who is not when traveling or going in public. Hairdressers, schools, concerts, so many things could use the temporary tattoo, but it might not be a good thing. Like Henna isn't always the healthy way to go.

Would you get a temporary tattoo or a permanent one if you could get through travel lines faster?

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