I posted a questionnaire on our Facebook page and asked if you had to give it up for a week which would you want to give up.

Most people use their phone nowadays for just about everything. People surf the internet, use it to buy things, get weather, read the news, and talk on it. Well, people in the Northland are also very used to having their coffee. I thought this would be a good question, both very important in a Northlander's life.

I was surprised to learn that people would give up their phones rather than go without their java. There were comments about having a landline or something to use because there are kids in the house. Some just put it as plainly as, I would give up my phone.

It's not surprising to McDonald's. They did a national survey asking what you would give up in order to have coffee. Some people said chocolate, some people said they would quit brushing their teeth if they could have coffee every day. Some people said coffee lifted up their day when it started badly.

What would you give up?

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