I put it out on Facebook to try to get an answer on where everyone stood as far as being ready to be in public or continue to stay in and be cautious.

The reason I asked the question was that I am seeing the beaches open in Florida and California, and that made me think of Park Point. Some of the restaurants and bars are open in California and Colorado and that reminds me of what is happening in Wisconsin. I see images on the news of people going out and packing these places. I get it, I'm tired of being in too, but no one has masks or still trying to be careful.

I'll tell you what the answer to my poll is in a minute. I wanted to see how the rest of the world was dealing with some of the restrictions being lifted. Reddit did a little poll that asked people if they were going to go out. The first person to answer said yes, I'm going to go somewhere and sit down and eat a meal and then see a movie. Everyone else was not as excited about the prospect of being let out of the house. Some cited that the government hasn't been forthcoming, some said they should move slow and give themselves a few months before being back to what it was before. One person said it would mean more businesses would be open so therefore eating out could be done, but at home outside in the back yard.

So, back to my poll. I asked people if everything opened June 1st, would they go out, or wait. Only one person said go, the rest said they would wait or work slowly to get back to normal. Some said they would take it step by step. Some said they didn't trust the information out there because not enough people were tested.

I think we have smart listeners because it seems like everyone wanted to make sure they and the people around them were safe.

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