Even if you've never [GRUNT] watched a tennis match in your [GRUNT] life, you're probably [GRUNT] aware that the players tend to [GRUNT] grunt a lot when they [GRUNT] play.  And, that [GRUNT] grunting can get [GRUNT] rather [GRUNT] annoying [GRUNT].

If the World Tennis Association has anything to do with it - that could change.

The WTA said it is looking at ways to reduce grunting. Currently, the umpire can penalize a player for ''a deliberate act'' of hindrance but the rule is rarely enforced when it comes to grunting.

According to a press statement yesterday, the World Tennis Association is aware that some fans find the grunting noise a hindrance.

The WTA issued a statement Tuesday, saying it is ''aware that some fans find it bothersome.''

''We are currently in the process of exploring how to reduce excessive grunting, especially for younger players just starting out, without adversely affecting players who have developed their game under the current training, rules and procedures,'' the statement said. ''We do believe that we need to address the concerns expressed by some fans and take a careful look at our rules and education policies.''

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