Novak Djokovic was in the midst of a routine U.S. Open practice session this past Sunday when a boy in the stands interrupted, "Djokovic, will you marry me?" the boy jokingly shouted. I think most people would think most pro atheletes would have shrugged it off.

The boy then ran down the steps to the railing along the court, and I wish I could have overheard what was said next. Skeptics on the Internet are already claiming the moment was staged, and perhaps it was considering the video quality and camera work seems a little too perfect. Then again, I have a really good HD camera and have posted with it and it looks good too. Doesn't matter to me, the moment for the boy looks to be enjoying the time on the court and the hug at the end looks genuine.

This is a lesson to me for others watching. They wouldn't be making their pro money if we weren't their fans. I understand that most of them have to deal with people that make money off of their autographs but some of the football players, baseball, soccer, hockey....etc. have become jaded. I say, think with your heart, you know that when you spend a little time talking to a fan, it means the world.

I had always heard Brett Hull wasn't a nice person. I got to have 5 minutes with him once at a golf outing and he was incredibly nice. I remember that 5 minutes all the time. Now, if Eddie Van Halen or Wayne Gretzky are reading, I want 5 minutes with you too.....


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