The first year of the two-year project on Woodland Avenue and parts of Calvary Road  has come to it's seasonal completion; the street has re-opened and all bus routes have returned to normal.  During the past five months, crews from the City of Duluth have worked to install new water and sewer lines beneath the street and St. Louis County has reconstructed Woodland Avenue between Anoka Street and Calvary Road.

After the seasonal pause for winter, the project will resume again in the spring.  A lengthy punch-list is planned for 2020, with the focus shifting to Calvary Road and several connecting streets.  In addition, the work crews will be constructing sidewalks and other finishing details for the length of the project.

According to St. Louis County, here are the traffic impacts drivers can expect in 2020:

  • Calvary Road between Woodland Avenue and Arnold Road will be closed for much of the 2020 construction season. Calvary Road will be open between Howard Gnesen and Arnold Road.
  • First Avenue will be closed between Calvary Road and Martin Road.
  • Arnold Road between Calvary Road and Martin Road may see closures.
  • Woodland Avenue is expected to remain open.
  • Drake Road is expected to remain open.

Total cost at the completion of the two-year project is anticipated to be around $11.5 million.  That cost number includes reconstruction of more than one mile of road, new utilities, sidewalks and bike lanes, improved lighting, and other safety improvements.

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