The internet is roasting a man (pun intended) for making a better dinner for his dogs than he did for his date.

The woman aired out her frustration on Reddit.

Taking to Reddit's popular AITA forum, Reddit user u/Delicious_Leg2571 explained she has acid reflux. Some fairly strict dietary restrictions help keep her stomach issues at bay. For example, red sauces and artificial dyes trigger her acid reflux, so she avoids those.

She was very open about her struggle with a new man she began dating. However, her request seemed to fall on deaf ears when her date invited her over for a meal and served her pizza.

"So he invites me over to his place and says he wants to make dinner. He makes a point to tell me to 'make sure you have a strong appetite,' so I didn't eat anything at all since breakfast, and I was starving after working all day," the woman wrote in her Reddit post.

"So, I arrived at 6 p.m., and I see him making steak, eggs, potatoes, and corn on the cob (the small ones that you put in pasta salad). It looked and smelled delicious. He puts on a movie while we wait, so I'm in the living room the entire time he is cooking," she explained.

The man kept going "back and forth between the kitchen and living room, and on his last trip back, he brings out our plates, and much to my surprise, it's pizza."

When she asked where the steak and eggs were, the man "bluntly" told her they were for his two German Shepherds, who "eat better than he does."

"I asked if he had anything else, and he said no. I told him, sorry, but I needed to go and excuse myself. On the way home, I grabbed myself something to eat," she continued, adding, "Well, he calls me, and it sounds like he is having a meltdown."

"He can't believe I made him feel like that and that the pizza was homemade, and he made sure not to put much sauce on it, but he knows I can't have it at all, and said something about adding sugar to it, etc. [and] said I've shown my true colors. My friends also think I'm overreacting here and said I'm acting jealous of his dogs."

Her post struck a nerve with Reddit users who shared their reactions to the man's behavior.

"No, NTA. This is what casual dating is for. He seems to have a confused dislike of strong sauce (hence the sugar) for an actual medical condition, but it is odd that he can't seem to understand the simple medical explanation. Not sure this has anything to do with the dogs," one user wrote.

"I am an old woman. I keep reading about young men not finding women to date. If they all act like this guy, I can understand why. NTA. I know most young men are not like this, but I wanted to make a point. Act like a jerk, and no one will want to date you," another person commented.

Another user chimed in: "The biggest flag is that he tried to convince her to eat something that she said made her sick. Who does that?"

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