It's easy to point fingers when things go wrong, but one husband's terrible habit of hitting the snooze button has led to a real wake-up call for his wife.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the fed-up wife claims her husband overslept, arrived to work three hours late and received a final warning from his boss.

"We've been together for over a decade," she wrote via Reddit. "I've always been someone who wakes up an hour or more sooner than needed, while he's the type of person who will leave for the airport 20 minutes before his flight leaves."

She continued that over the years, she and her husband have "gotten into a routine where I wake him up since he usually sleeps through his alarms."

The woman added that their marriage is crumbling. Due to their financial situation, they live more like "roommates than spouses." So, she has "stopped waking him up."

"He ended up arriving to work three hours late and came home with a final write up. If he shows up late again or calls out without a doctor's note or a good excuse, he'll be fired," she shared.

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Now, her husband is furious and blames her for his situation.

"He blamed me for not waking him up in time and said that all the write ups were my fault too," she wrote. "I kind of flipped out on him. But it came down to, 'If you don't want to be my husband, then I'm not going to treat you like one.'"

She added that she told him he's "responsible for [his] own s--t," but she's also wondering if she went too far.

In the comments section, users sided with the woman.

"He's a grown man. Even if you were in the best relationship ever, it should not be your responsibility to regularly wake him up. You are his wife, not his mother," one person commented.

"It's not your responsibility to wake him. He is a grown man. He needs to figure it out himself and take responsibility for his own actions. It's not that hard if his alarm is next to the bed. He needs to move it across the room or something. That way, he is forced to get up," someone else weighed in.

"None of us women get married to be their mothers. We want partners that know how to be adults that help in the relationship and not cause more stress. Which seems to be what he's doing," another wrote.

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