Here's a career field to get into if you're looking for plenty of job opportunities:  Wisconsin currently suffers from a drought of qualified professionals to perform autopsies; the state also suffers from a lack of facilities in which to have then performed.

Autopsies fall within the realm of what a Forensic Pathologist and a Medical Examiner does. These autopsies are performed in highly-specialized facilities.  As of this writing there are only five locations in the entire state of Wisconsin - and only four of them will accept bodies from outside of the counties that they are located in.  This presents countless problems.  News sources also place all of those facilities south of Highway 10 - leaving 21 counties separated by a medical examiner.

A task force has been created to research the problem and find acceptable solutions.  A proposed facility would serve 38 counties and would cost an estimated $2.5 to $3 million.  Click here to get the details.

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