A group of high school students in Wisconsin staged a walkout after a disabled student was attacked and left hospitalized.

The incident happened in a town called Sheboygan Falls. The town was called Rochester at one point, but then took its current name from the nearby falls on the Sheboygan River. The city has a population of about 8,000. According to the Sheboygan Sun, about 60-80 students from Sheboygan Falls High School staged a walkout after a disabled student was attacked.

It was reported that a sophomore student attacked a disabled freshman student in gym class and was beaten unconscious. It was also reported that the victim suffered multiple seizures due to the attack, both at the school and on the way to the hospital. The school board will be meeting Tuesday night to decide whether the student responsible for the attack will be reinstated.

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There were signs in the walkout the said "Expel unsafe students" and "Let us learn in peace". One senior even said:

Us students don’t feel safe in this building anymore, so we find it appropriate to peacefully protest to convince the school board to make the right decision. It’s not the principal’s fault. It’s not the vice principal’s fault. It’s the school district of Sheboygan Falls administration’s fault. They’re the ones responsible for what happens in our school district.

A sophomore also spoke up and said:

There shouldn’t be a meeting. He could have died. He was unconscious significantly longer than anybody should, to the point where he probably has brain damage. He’s still suffering from seizures.

The purpose of the walkout was to raise awareness about violence in the district and to ensure an incident like this doesn't happen again. As a parent, I can't believe something like this could happen. I'll update when the school board releases a statement and I just hope something like this doesn't happen again in any school.


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