The Federal eviction moratorium that was enacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic ends on July 31.  As that date approaches, Wisconsin officials are urging renters facing eviction to apply for assistance funding through programs that already exist.

Originated in February of this year, the Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance Program (WERA) offers more than $322 million in funding to those who qualify.  According to details in the Superior Telegram, the funding can be put to good use to those who need it:

"The program can provide up to 15 months of rental assistance for households affected by the pandemic.  It can also be used for lot rental, late fees, security deposits, utilities and, Governor Tony Evers announced last month, internet access."

So who qualifies?  The threshold for applicants is earnings "up to 80% of the county median". As an example - using Douglas County average income information - that 80% threshold would translate into "a monthly income of $3,563 for a one-person household, or $5,088 for a household of four".  Here are the 80% of Douglas County median income amounts for household numbers, as sourced by the Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance Program:

  • Household of 1 - $3,563
  • Household of 2 - $4,071
  • Household of 3 - $4,579
  • Household of 4 - $5,088
  • Household of 5 - $5,496
  • Household of 6 - $5,904
  • Household of 7 - $6,313
  • Household of 8 - $6,717

The agency works with applicants who end up getting approved to get their rent "current".  Then, they "issue the payment to your landlord for the next three months".  This allows individuals who were facing eviction a little breathing room and the ability to make changed to their situation.  After the initial three months, "people can reapply for three more months of help if needed, until they reach the 15-month limit".

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Applications for the funding can be completed online. Click here to visit the Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance Program page on the official website for the State of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin residents who live in the City of Superior also have additional sources of funding available to them for rent assistance.  Superior's Community Development Block Grant makes that available.  Click here to visit the Northwest Wisconsin Community Services Agency for details.

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