The State of Wisconsin has extended the renewal deadline for people age 60-plus in an effort to reduce their elevated health risks during the current Omicron-inspired COVID-19 spike of cases.

With the extension, the new deadline will be March 31, 2022 or all drivers who meet that age category and had drivers licenses set to expire in January, February, or March of 2022.  Along with the extension of the deadline comes a waived late fee.

There is no need for drivers who fall under the 60-plus, first-quarter license renewals to do anything on their part.  The Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles will be automatically updating their records to reflect the new expiration date.  It's worth noting that the new, updated expiration date is the one that will appear to law enforcement when the run someone's digital record; while the physical license will contain an outdated date, it's the online digital record that law enforcement works off of.

According to details shared by the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles, the agency has made changes to make in-person visits safer.  They're also working hard to reduce the time that would be spent by a driver inside the office and lobby. As an additional measure, they state has ramped up COVID-19 protocols, with extra cleaning occurring throughout the day and "arranging space to provide safe social distancing".

As of right now, the Wisconsin DMV Customer Service Centers are only open and available for the following services:

  • Driver license renewals and original products
  • ID's required to vote in an election
  • New residents - in order to originate and obtain their necessary identification

If you're curious and want to check the expiration date of your Wisconsin drivers license - or - see any of the ride-along details associated with it (i.e. organ donations, corrective lenses, restrictions, etc), they've set up a page on their website that allows you to search your records.  You'll either need your full and complete Wisconsin drivers license number, or be able to provide name, birthdate, and social security number details to cross-reference your file.

Drivers License ApplicationForm

All Wisconsin drivers - age 18 to 64 - are able to renew their drivers licenses online as long as they meet certain guidelines.  In order to be able to renew that license in that manner, you need to be a United States citizen with an unrestricted driver license, not had any changes to your medical condition, and don't need to matriculate an original REAL ID.  If you meet those stipulations, you can visit the renewal page on the Wisconsin Department of Transportations website.

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