Wisconsin's elk hunting season might not be happening until this fall, but if you want to take part - you need to apply now.  The deadline for a tag to take part is Sunday, May 31.

The month-and-a-half hunt will happen in split-time frames - October 17 to November 15, and again December 10 through December 18.  Only Wisconsin residents are eligible to take part - with tags being awarded via a lottery method.  (In other words, not everyone who applies for  license will end up being able to take part)

The 2020 hunt marks only the third elk season in Wisconsin state history.  The animals were once plentiful across the United States.  However, hunting practices in the 1800's contributed to their sharp decline for the most part in Wisconsin by the 1880's.  Over the last few decades, a re-introduction program helped the elk herd re-establish itself in the Badger State. According to news sources, more than 60,000 people applied for a elk hunting license in the first two years it was offered.

Resident hunters who are interested in taking part in the elk hunting season need to fill out an application with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; click here to get started.  Successful applicants who end up getting a tag will be required to pay the $49.00 fee.  Hunters who end up getting a tag will be notified at some point in early June.

There is also a chance at a tag being offered by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  Cost is just $10.00 - and there isn't a limit on how many chance tickets a person can buy.

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