Any way you slice it (or pull it), that's a lot of cheese!  A dairy in Wisconsin recently set an unofficial world record for the longest piece of string cheese.  Weyauwega Star Fairy in Weyauwega, Wisconsin (where else?) unofficially broke it's own almost 30-year record for the longest piece of string cheese recorded - at 3,832 feet.

3,832 feet is almost 3-quarters of a mile - long enough that it took the help of many people to pull off the feat.  Weyauwega Star Dairy invited the help of other people from the small town to hold the cheese while it was stretched out and measured.  According to a news report in the Dairy Herd Management newsletter, nearly 1,700 people from the town took part in the world record breaking event.

To accomplish the new world record, the string cheese was "strung from person to person for about three blocks and then doubled back the way it came".  The process took about an hour and a half to be complete and was overseen by Master Cheese Maker Gerard Knaus.

America Faces Surplus Of Cheese With Record Dairy Production
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If certified, the new world record would beat the previous record that was held by the same dairy.  Back in 1995, the Weyauwega Star Dairy created a piece of string cheese that measured 2,000 feet long. At that time, the event was overseen by Knaus's father Jim.  The 85 year old Jim Knaus was present this time around, too to make sure that things went smoothly.  The Knaus family has owned and operated Weyauwega Star Dairy since 1975.

To put the 2021 piece of string cheese in perspective, news sources have it weighing "approximately 500 pounds" and if it were served in its usual single-serve size, it would equate to "nearly 30,000 individual cheese sticks".

America Faces Surplus Of Cheese With Record Dairy Production
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