Usually, when you hear something too good to be true it usually is, but not in this case: A Wisconsin brewery is looking to pay someone $10,000 to watch sunsets!

You've got to hand it to the crew at the Leinenkugel's Brewing Company over in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They know how to keep Leinies fans happy. And they're doing that again next week by bringing back one of their award-winning beers for the first time in several years-- and they're giving away that $10,000 prize too.

Leinies first introduced their Sunset Wheat beer back in 2006. (I used to live a few miles from the Leinie's brewery when I worked over in Wisconsin, and distinctly remember when they first introduced it 16 years ago.) It would go on to win silver at the Great American Beer Festival and bronze at the World Beer Cup that same year, this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story said. But then, the brewing company, which has been brewing beer over in Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley since 1867, put Sunset Wheat on hiatus in 2018.

However, after a petition signed by over 1,500 people asked them to start brewing Sunset Wheat again, the brewery is bringing it back-- and they could hire YOU to watch a summer sunset (and stream it live on their social channels) from a cabin in Wisconsin's Northwoods over the Labor Day Weekend. Oh, yeah-- they'll also 'pay' you $10,000 too. It's all part of the re-release of Sunset Wheat, which kicks off Thursday, August 11th during a party at the Leinie Lodge, on the brewery grounds in Chippewa Falls.

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According to Leinies, Sunset Wheat itself will be available beginning August 15th in stand-alone packs here in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and throughout the Great Lakes Region and as part of the Lodge Variety Pack nationwide through October-- or as long as supplies last.

Here are the rules Leinies has set up to win that $10,000 and a trip to a Wisconsin cabin to take in the sunset:

  • Follow Leinenkugel’s on Instagram.
  • Make a video, one minute or less, explaining "why they are the ultimate fan of the Wisconsin sunset and Sunset Wheat."
  • Post that video on their public Instagram account.
  • Tag @Leinenkugel’s and also hashtag #sunsetstreamer and #contest.

The Sunset Streamer contest runs through Aug. 18. Applicants must be a US resident and be at least 21 years old. Full details are available on Leinie's Instagram page.

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