With the change in the weather, and the snow falling. It's time to start thinking about having some emergency things in your car in case you don't make it to your destination. These things may also include tools to dig you out of a snowbank.

I realized how unprepared I would be if I were to ever have car trouble in the winter. I had an ice brush with a built-in scraper that really doesn’t work that well. That’s it. As nice as my ice brush is, it most definitely wouldn’t be able to keep me warm or help me out in case of an emergency.

I figured a charged cell phone could get me out of anything, but it turns out, if no one can get to you, then you need to go to plan B.......your emergency kit. The most important thing is to stay warm because hypothermia is a very real danger. You also want to stay hydrated and keep your energy up. You may have to hoof it.

You should have things in there to keep you warm and alive for at least a day for a plow or emergency vehicle to get to you. If you are in a snowbank you can't get out of your car it's best to just keep in touch with family and first responders. They might not get to you right away.
Ready Wisconsin has a great list, but here are some quick things to pack in your car.

    • first aid supplies
    • basic tools
    • a fully charged cell phone and a charger
    • boots
    • hat
    • coat
    • gloves
    • jumper cables
    • carpet strips, sand or kitty litter for traction
    • ice scraper and brush
    • blanket
    • chocolate candy, or some other kind of food bar that can keep for a while
    • water


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