We don't have snow on the ground, YET, but it is that time of the year, and indications are that snow is soon to come. Right now is the time you should be preparing your care for items to have if you break down or are stuck somewhere.

I hopped on the internet and looked at everyone's list and here's what I came up with.
Hot Packs ~

These are good if you are driving, to have if it is chilly in your car. Make sure there are some there to stuff in your jacket if you do get stuck or break down and there isn't much traffic and you may have to spend the night. Good to put in your boots too.

Blankets ~

This is something to have if you are stuck or just driving, keep a thick one in the trunk, and maybe a small one to throw on your lap. Keep warm if you are driving, keep others warm if you should stop to help. If you pull someone out of water, the first thing you should do is wrap them in a blanket. You simply cannot have too many blankets when you live in a cold-weather area. Doesn’t hurt to lay some on the seats to stay warmer.

Cell Phone ~

If you end up stuck in your car in the winter, you do NOT want to try to walk for help in most cases. Staying put, and calling for help is your best plan. Even if you don’t normally carry a cell phone, consider getting one of the emergency-only models to keep in your car’s cold weather kit. That’ll let you call 911 if you need to, so that help can come to you while you stay as warm as possible in the car. Don’t forget your charger either. It's also good to keep one of those mobile chargers charged and with you in your purse or bag when you are driving.

Energy Snacks, food that can stay for a while ~

If the weather is bad enough or you slide off the road and it's night time, you probably don't want to go for help at that time. Have some food  in the car with you. Energy bars are the best.  If you frequently transport people with special nutritional needs (infants, diabetics, etc.) be sure you have something appropriate for them, too.

Water ~

Water is essential so you don’t dehydrate if you are stuck.  It’s a good idea to store them under your front seats, so that the floor heat vents keep them from freezing while you drive. You can keep a few in the trunk as long as you know they will freeze. They still can be used but will take a while to melt and be drinkable.

Jumper Cables ~

Essential all year round, but the cold drains the battery it seems. Good to have to lend a hand too. Now you can buy those self jumpers, they are useful for a spark too.

First Aid Kit~

You never know if you might hurt yourself doing something to free your tires or car in the event you go off the road, you might need a patch job, or someone else might. A simple set up will work. Gauze, band aids, a few small cloths, some kind of lighter, something to burn, aspirin or pain relief pills, some type of cleaning fluid like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Prepare for the worst.

You can put all of this in a small box in your trunk and it can be out of the way.

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