Willie Kruger lived his life wanting kids of all backgrounds to dance together. John D'Auria has been honoring his friend for years with a special dance competition in his name.

This year because of COVID-19, the dance day will not happen. This was posted on the Willie Kruger Dance Competition page:

After talking with Mayor Larson and Mark at the Encounter and being referred to the Minnesota Governor's guidelines. Thanks to Covid-19 and the restrictions that have been put on events, it has been decided that this year that the 10th Annual Willie Kruger Dance Competition will be postponed until next year, I am hoping for the date of November 6th, 2021. I am truly sorry, I know it is disappointing to a lot of people but I hope you all understand. Thank you for always supporting this event. I hope to see all of you next year, it will be the final year so please show up to say good-bye to everyone. -John D D'Auria

The Annual Willie Kruger Dance competition featured open style dance competitions for all styles from ages 9-11, 12-14, 15-17, 18-up, and group competitions. The dancers came out in a showcase fashion dance in front of a panel of three judges and competed for 1st and 2nd place.

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John D'Auriia honored his friend every year and told me that Willie Loved to dance and once said that everyone was equal when they danced because it was about them and the dance. It didn't matter what your background, race, the amount of money you made was, it just mattered how you expressed yourself. That's the tradition that John wanted to carry on.

John told me he was also very sad that it couldn't go on this year but that safety concerns were the driving factor and he decided to be smart about the decision rather than take a risk because he wants it to be fun. John did say he was going to put the competition on next year for 202.

willie kruger dance competition facebook
willie kruger dance competition facebook


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