In talking to some of the maintenance workers, I was asking when the DECC would try to bring back the ship and would there be one night Halloween Haunted Ship?

I was told it's more of a logistics thing. It mostly has to do with the lake. In order to get the ship back, the lake has to be calm. We all know the lake has not been calm, and it can't be too cold because people have to work in the weather.

They took it out in the late spring because the lake is calmer then. There could be an opening and they could bring it over. Remember though, the ship is basically controlled by tug boats and ropes and pulleys.

The DECC is losing money every day it is gone and I understand the ship needs to come back. It is a staple of the area.

One thing I have heard from people is they want it somewhere else so it doesn't block tourists from seeing some of the landmarks in the area, especially the bridge.

What do you think? Should the ship be moved?

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