When we took the tour of the William A. Irvin, we were told of some of the areas that were hot spots, and some of the things happening on the ship. This time Duluth Paranormal Society went in with better, bigger, and more equipment, and spent more time investigating.

chris allen

Splitting up in groups of two, the Duluth Paranormal Society put me with John (one of the engineers on the boat) and Chera, whom I had luck with last time. We were given a couple of places to go, and then come back and review. My group was also doing short evp sessions, and that's when we got the hit.

We were in the boiler room of the boat, which is a hot spot, and we also sat outside the boiler room and got some more. I have had sensations of being poked in the back of the neck and we thought we heard talking but had to discount much of our audio because of people talking outside the boat.

Here's one of our sessions, tell me what you hear.

I think there are two voices on this one. Both of them answer me...NO

Then we asked them how old they were.

This one we talked back and forth about what we heard. I could hear "five" or "nine" then one of the guys said he heard a "fifty-nine". So, John looked it up and William (the guy who died in the boiler room where we got this voice) lived to be 59 when he was suddenly burned to death in the boiler room years ago. That was the part that creeped us out.

The group has others, some are on film. They have not been released yet. Thanks again to the DECC for letting us on the ship. Also, thanks to the employees of the Irvin for helping us.