We are extremely fortunate to have the Bayfront Blues Festival in our community, and there are many reasons why we should both support and attend. When I talk to the artists that play here they all look forward to it and have fond memories of the people and some got their start here. 

The first reason, where else can you watch great blues music and musicians outside by Lake Superior with your friends. The scenery certainly adds to the whole experience. Speaking of the artists, have you seen who has been here before? Here's a list of past legends to grace the stage.

The Bayfront Blues Festival generates a lot of money for Duluth. It's the second largest event in Duluth behind Grandmas Marathon. Blues fans spend money too.They stay in hotels and motels, buy gas, food, clothing, and memorabilia. They visit the many fine restaurants, bars and retailers we have in Duluth. They frequent the fine shops in Canal Park, take cabs, shop in downtown Duluth, and it all generates much-needed income.

Visiting the vendors, tasting the food. Don't be surprised if you see several Bluesfest artists walking with you, only too happy to meet you and thank you for attending. They are also out there to enjoy the same experience you are having. That's something you will not find at rock or country shows anymore for sure.

After watching your favorite artists on stage, many go back to the music tent where one can purchase a CD. The artist is usually there to autograph it for you, or take a quick picture. The tent also has a huge variety of the performing artists tee shirts,and memorabilia as well.

Some people say they don't like the crowds. Walk through the crowd and talk to people, you will see you share a lot with them. You will make some new friends and contacts for other blues shows, or connections to artists, as people come from all over. There are people from other countries. Despite the large number of people that do attend, getting around is super easy on the walkways. It's laid out to accommodate you, as management knows people enjoy walking and browsing. And it's safe too, security is huge at Bluesfest.

The music is after all why we attend Bluesfest, and the variety of blues is unbelievable. The artists performing are excellent, having honed their talents over many years. New up and coming artists are here as well, offering new and exciting blues music. The artists are all at the top of their game, for sure. The sound system assures no matter where you sit, you'll hear the music perfectly, and Bluesfest is run with split second accuracy to assure there is always something going on.

Come for one day or all three days ,but come. You will not be disappointed. Don't forget to bring the camera! The Bayfront Blues Festival is meant to be enjoyed.