With the acquisition of DE Yannick Ngakoue (said IN-DOC-WEIGH) to the front, the Vikings have a scary pass rush again, but there is more.

Kirk Cousins has been getting better every year. I am not impressed yet. I don't think he has that killer mentality, but the Vikings see something because they extended his contract. Bleacher Report says that Kirk could be the best quarterback that we have seen since 2009's Brett Favre. His numbers have improved, they replaced Stephon Diggs with Justin Jefferson, who some are calling Randy Moss Jr, they promoted Gary Kubiak to the OC. Kubiak is the same coach that had Payton Manning and won a Super Bowl.

All of these things should contribute to a great season. The NFL power rankings now have the Vikings as number 10. They have moved up one spot when they got Yannick Ngakoue in the defense. ESPN says Yannick is embracing the fresh start and even took a pay cut to play for the team. That to me says he is happy, it also says, he wants to prove he is worth the trade. It also says he's going to show he is worth more money.

Back to Justin Jefferson. I said people were saying he could be Randy Moss Jr. ESPN is predicting Jefferson will beat Moss' 69 receptions for 1,317 yards and 17 touchdowns that Moss had in 1998. He has good hands and he can jump. That could mean that Cousins doesn't have to be dean on the money with the pass, if he can put it near Justin, there will be a catch.

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Here's the last part that will excite. Cousins has Adan Theilen, Justin Jefferson, Irv Smith Jr, and Kyle Rudolph to throw to, and Delvin Cook and CJ Ham in the backfield. He has the weapons to make it happen. You can't double team all of them, and once the defense gets lulled into thinking they have the pass stopped. Cook will run them over and Ham will get the short yardage.

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