It sounds kind of like "Sgt. Pepper's" from The Beatles', "It was about 30 years ago today, the Beatles came here to play, but Minnesota was different than the rest of the world."

It was a bit more than 30 years ago that they were actually here, but The Beatles played at Met Stadium, home of the  Minnesota Twins and Vikings for many years. Right where the Mall of America is located. 25,000 people showed up to see the biggest band in the world. The Beatles were at the height of their popularity in 1965.

The Current reports that the Beatles flew into Minneapolis-St. Paul on August 21 to a press conference, where they were asked very intelligent questions, like "Are Those Wigs?" and "How Do You Sleep With That Hair?". It wasn't even that long, and women have been sleeping with long hair for years.

Beatles Bible says the press conference was put on by WDGY and then Ron Butwin and Randy Resnick from B-Sharp Music gave George Harrison a new Rickenbacker guitar 360-12. A 12 string guitar with a sunburst finish that Harrison would later use on Revolver.

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They ate a home-cooked meal, says The Current, it was roast beef and mashed potatoes, a typical Minnesota dinner. They were in the Minnesota Twins locker room of the Met Center and enjoyed its amenities. They had never had a sauna visit before so the Fab Four Four treated themselves to one just before dinner.

According to Twin Cities Music Highlights, tickets were $2.50, $3.50, $4.50, and $5.50. The Met seats 40,000 and the Beatles sold out every venue in America and across the world but came up about 18,000 seats short. So, Minnesota was the only place that didn't sell out. The band was promised all kinds of sales incentives but only collected on one of them, selling over 18,500 seats.

So, did they hold a grudge against the land of 10,000 lakes? I would say so. They did play other venues again, but that was the first and last visit to Minnesota.

You can hear the original concert here on a video posted on YouTube.

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