If you're heading to St. Louis, the St. Louis Zoo is offering an early look at Kali, its new 850-pound polar bear. The bear had previously been living at the Buffalo Zoo after it was orphaned in Alaska in 2013.

In May, FedEx transported the bear from Buffalo to St. Louis. FedEx CEO of FedEx Custom Critical, on the transportation of Kali; “We worked with the Zoo to make sure he was in a specially-designed aluminum crate. The bear was flown from Rochester by FedEx Express aircraft to Memphis and then transported in a temperature-controlled truck to the Zoo. Along the way, the truck stopped every half hour so that Zoo staff could check on Kali’s condition.”  Neil Gibson, vice president of communications for FedEx Service, said FedEx would also be donating $10,000 to the zoo to help with its conservation efforts.  FedEx “generously donated” its transportation services to the zoo to bring Kali to his new home.

So now that we know it is possible, I know what I am asking for this Christmas!