How have I never heard of this place before? Last week on our summer vacation we got to feed giraffes. They are my wife's favorite animal and she was in heaven. Not only do they have giraffes, but many other exotic animals as well and the best part is about 2 hours away from Duluth!

The place I'm talking about is Safari North near Brainerd, Minnesota. I have some friends in Brainerd that suggested we check out the place. It isn't exactly cheap, but it is definitely worth the money.

Ken Hayes

Feeding giraffes is just one of many things you can do. The walk around the zoo is pretty long and there are plenty of animals along the way. Just some of the animals we saw were macaws, parrots, monkeys, lemurs, prairie dogs, crocodiles, grizzly bear, sloth bears, lions, tigers, and the list keeps going on. There really is a lot.

Ken Hayes

Feeding the giraffes just costs a few bucks for a cup of carrots. There also is a petting zoo where you can feed the animals too. There's a train ride around a section of the park that is $5 per person, and it's pretty cool.

Ken Hayes

They've also got a carnival area too if that's your thing. The gift shop has some souvenirs and stuffed animals. Of course we had to buy one for our 7 year old girl because we were on vacation, right?

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When you drive by on the road, it doesn't look like a whole lot. We went on a Wednesday and the parking lot full with cars parked even on the nearby roads. It didn't feel too packed inside as it is such a big area that it was pretty spread out.

Safari North is located at 8493 MN-371, Brainerd, MN. It's just over 2 hours from Duluth. Admission is $17.99 for 13 and up, and $12.99 for kids 12 and under.

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