First - an admission:  I've never watched the show Breaking Bad.  In fact, I wasn't even aware of its existence until after the final episode aired and friends of mine started talking about "Felina" around the office.  The name instantly peaked my attention - as a life-long country music fan;  I recognized the name Felina as the female character in the 1959 song "El Paso".

Turns out, the name of the finale episode of the TV show Breaking Bad was entitled "Felina".  And - seeing as how the majority of the demographic that watched the show wasn't alive in 1959 - or has never listened to classic country music - they're pondering some deeper meaning into the name.  Some are convinced that "Felina" is some sort of code for "finale" or that it's an anachronism for some hidden meaning in the show.

But from what I've researched, it does all come back to Marty Robbins.

An online blogger has made the point that the title of the final episode and the character of the song have similarities with the plot and storylines of the show.

According to the site, “the song ‘El Paso’ is about love, revenge, consequences, and redemption,” which, admittedly, sounds like a familiar story arc to anyone who has watched Breaking Bad. It turns out “El Paso” features a character named Felina. In the song, a cowboy spends his nights in a bar called Rosa’s Cantina, watching his love, Felina, dance. The cowboy kills a man who hits on Felina, forcing the cowboy to flee town (perhaps to New Hampshire?) out of fear for his life. While he’s away, the cowboy desires to return to the town and to his love, Felina.

They go on make more connections:

Felina is a metaphor for Walt’s double life. As Heisenberg, Walt becomes obsessed with the power and money that a being a drug kingpin brings. This power is his Felina, his weakness. But its backbone is the obsessive (destructive) love he also has for his family.

Others, though aren't so convinced.  In the end, will we ever know?

If you were a fan of the show, what are your thoughts?






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