Pen Spends 25 Years In A Stomach; Still Works
File this under the oddest story you'll hear all day:  A black felt tip pen that was recently recovered after spending 25 years in a woman's stomach - and it still works!
The case, which appeared in the British Medical Journal Case Reports, described a 76- year-old British woman sent t…
Coca Cola Secret Formula Is Out Of The Vault
For the first time in 86 years, the secret recipe for Coca Cola is out of the vault!  But it's for a good reason.
The Coca-Cola Co. has made its secret formula the centerpiece of a new exhibit at its corporate museum, ditching the confines of the bank vault where the list of ingredients had…
Hidden Images Found On The Mona Lisa
People have been speculating about the Mona Lisa for more than 500 years.  Who was the model?  Why did da Vinci paint her?  Is there a subliminal or deeper meaning?
Now, a 37 year old artist has found "hidden" images on the Mona Lisa which he believes might crack the …