Long before "digital photography" we didn't have the choice of having a family member or friend take our grad photos.  You went to a professional photographer and your choices of backgrounds were limited.  I think most of us had an indoor head shot, a picture leaning into a tree with a leg up, a picture laying on the ground peeking around a tree and if you got your picture taken at Dean's in Cloquet, leaning against the stone wall in the front of the building.

Dean's stone wall is still there, but it is now a State Farm office.  I really feel for professional photographers now.  Since more people are going the route of taking their own shots for graduation and wedding pictures they have had to get more creative and mobile.  It's not surprising to see them in canal park early on Saturday or Sunday morning using the natural light taking grad pictures against doorways or using the Aerial Lift Bridge or Lake Superior in the background.  Graduation pictures now show the passion, favorite athletic sport or family pet.  Wedding photographers have recently started to include a second photographer to catch a different angle in the same shot they are taking or work with changing colors or edit the photos they take.

This is where I had inserted one of my graduation pictures until I realized I couldn't because I didn't know who took the picture to ask permission to use it.  Could it have been a man named, Dean?  You'll have to use your imagination (I had eyebrows then).

We had driven past the old Dean's Photography building recently and had to stop to take a picture and relive a few memories.  Do you have memories there too?

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