Do You Remember These Car Dealerships In The Northland?
While my co-host Ken and I were playing a radio contest recently a gal with the last name of DeVinck won. I asked her if she was of the family that once owned DeVinck’s car dealership and she said yes! That got me thinking of all the car dealerships that I remembered in the Northland that aren’t aro…
People Miss Out On Great Memories With Retail Stores Closing
The latest information is that the retail industry is suffering for a couple of reasons.  One of course is the option to shop on line and have it delivered to your home.  The other is that popular retail stores are feeling the crunch of on line shopping and closing their retail spaces.&nbs…
5 Forgotten Bars of Downtown Duluth [LIST]
Ok, maybe forgotten by some, but only until I remind you they existed.  This list culminates from the mid to late 80's when I was single and a drink cost $1.25.  Hard to believe, right?  See if you remember any of these and if you do, share your memories with me!!!  Oh, and …
What Did West Duluth Look Like In 1984?
It's very interesting to see what kind of changes can happen over time. I grew up in West Duluth and recently found a video of a drive on Grand Avenue over 30 years ago. Let's compare the differences shall we?
What Is Your Earliest Childhood Memory?
What can you remember from your childhood? Sometimes people have memories that are consistent with being born. According to Psych Central, most people can remember around 3 years old but scientists believe memory starts at age 7. Here's what we remember.

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