There are foods that are good when you eat them. Some of those foods are called comfort foods. Some of those foods magically become better when you eat them the next day or two days later.

The flavor multiplies, or it mixes or just marinates in itself. All they need is a food fairy to touch them their magic wand and they produce more flavor, and when you heat them up the next day or just eat them cold out of the fridge the next day, they are just better.

Some people make foods a day or two before they serve them just so they can capitalize on this self marinating power. Being midwesterners, we make a lot of hot dishes and know that when we pull them out of the fridge the next day, they are going to be 10 times better and we finish them instead of wasting food.

Which Northern Comfort Foods Are Better As Leftovers?

This is a gallery of foods that have a better flavor the longer they marinate in the fridge after you cook them. Sometimes two or three days later.

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