Throughout history we have had great Presidents, and some.....not so much! What if you were a President of the United States? Which one would you be? Take this test and find out.

When I took the test it said I am most like President Barack Obama.

Here are my answers:

Compared to the general population, you are:

High on Extroversion, indicating that you are an open and talkative extrovert.

Above average on Openness, indicating that you prefer to strike a balance between seeking out novelty and preserving the status quo.

Above average on Agreeableness, indicating that you are very empathic, tolerant of others, and socially adaptive.

Average on Conscientiousness, indicating that you take a balanced approach between sticking to plans and deadlines and being flexible about updating your current goals.

Low on Neuroticism, indicating that you are relaxed, cool under pressure, and not shy about presenting yourself or your ideas.

According to a study done by Jeffery J. Mondak, Ph.D., your scores indicate that you are:

More likely to have a tolerant attitude towards smoking.

More likely to favor mild criminal punishments over harsher ones.

More likely to watch TV, read the news, and stay up to date on current events.

More likely to mobilize your friends to take part in your own interests.

Someone who seems opinionated to others, while being in fact quite open-minded and tolerant of opposing views.

Less likely to frequently change jobs and partners.

Less likely to end up in jail or to get in trouble with the law.

More likely to generally agree with your immediate friends and family.

More likely to simply avoid people who are hostile to you, or with whom you are in disagreement.

More likely to oppose capital punishment.

More likely to take a favorable view of government welfare programs.

More likely to enjoy fitness training and physical exercise.

More likely to nurture a few select beliefs that you regard as settled in stone.

Less likely to flirt with harm and danger.

Less likely to have insurance or to belong to a labor union.

 According to a study done by Jayme Neiman, Ph.D., your scores indicate that you are:

Amazingly, your personality is simply too smooth and well-rounded for Dr. Neiman's study to be able to say anything about you.

Take the test and see who you are most like..

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