The Primary gets underway Tuesday, August 14th. Make sure you know the right place to vote and what to bring with you.

The easiest way to find out is online, click here, put in our address and it will give you the place to go. Once you know where to go, what do you need to bring? Make sure you are pre-registered and see below.

Residents can pre-register to vote, if they are not already; by obtaining a voter registration card from the Duluth City Clerk’s Office, Room 330, 411 West First Street, Duluth, one of the Duluth Public Libraries or any these other sites.   Residents may also go online to print out a registration form by clicking here.

Basic requirements to vote are:

  • Persons must be 18 years old prior to or on September 15, 2015
  • Persons must have lived in the State of Minnesota for 20 days prior to the election (August 25, 2015)
  • Persons much have been a citizen of the United States for three (3) months prior to the election (June 15, 2015)

Acceptable forms of identification are:

Option 1: ID with Current Name and Address

  • Valid Minnesota driver’s license, Minnesota learner’s permit, Minnesota ID card, or a receipt for any of these
  • Tribal ID card with your name, address, photo and signature.

Option 2: Photo ID Plus a Document with Current Name and Address.  The ID can be expired, and the document can also be shown electronically on a device (smartphone, etc.) such as a utility bill, a rental lease, student fee statement, or confirmation from another registered voter. Click here if you do not have any of the above listed items.

Absentee ballots are now available at the City Clerk’s Office.  Individuals voting by absentee ballot or on Election Day who are not already registered or need to change their address must, at the time of voting, present identification at the polling site, using one of the acceptable forms of identification and proof of residency.

If you are unsure of where you vote you can find your polling place by clicking here.  Or, call 218-730-5500.



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