In 2013 there were no Kwik Trips in the Twin Ports.  In 2014, the Wisconsin-based store opened 8 locations in the Twin Ports area.  Plans for 2015 call for an additional 7 locations.  Definite plans for four of those locations have been made public.

Kwik Trip officials have confirmed the following locations for Duluth and Superior in 2015:

  • 6520 Grand Avenue - located near the intersection of Raleigh and Grand.  This location will be the second in the Twin Ports to include a car wash;  The Superior-location of Kwik Trip on Banks was the first car wash location in the Twin Ports.
  • South Superior - near the intersection of Tower Avenue and Highway 105. This lot used to be part of Thompson Rental.
  • Arlington and Central Entrance in Duluth.  This Kwik Trip location will be built on the site that used to house ICO.
  • East 6th Street in Duluth.
  • Near Menards in Hermantown.  This would be the second location in Hermantown along Highway 53/Central Entrance.

It's interesting to note the changes that Kwik Trip has already brought to the Twin Ports area.  The aggressively-competitive company has stabilized gasoline and dairy prices and eased the exit of a few of its competitors.

One geographic region that's being rumored is a move into the Iron Range.

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