One of the Northland's most-beloved traditions happens this week.  The Christmas City of the North Parade will take place on Friday, November 22 - kicking off promptly at 6:25 PM in downtown Duluth.  The parade route takes floats, bands, and all sorts of sights down Superior Street - starting around 10th Avenue east and ending near 5th Avenue west.

The best place to watch?  Obviously, any spot along the route is where you want to be - on the sidewalk and - in some cases - even up above the street in the skywalk system.  (The skywalk allows for a warmer experience).  However - it's parking that usually becomes the question - as in "where is the best (and easiest) place to park downtown" in order to watch the parade.

Luckily, the Greater Downtown Council has some suggestions - with a list of downtown parking ramps that will offer free parking starting at 5:00 PM.  It's important to note that not all of the ramps in downtown Duluth will be free that evening - so read the list carefully:

  • Fourth Avenue Auto Park - 402 West Michigan Street
  • Duluth Transportation Center - 228 West Michigan Street
  • Civic Center Ramp - 410 West First Street
  • Tech Village Ramp - 10 East First Street
  • HART Ramp - 122 East First Street
  • Medical District Ramp - 302 East First Street
  • Fitger’s - 600 East Superior Street
  • Phoenix Parking Lot - 98 North 4th Ave West
  • St. Luke's Hospital Ramp - 1010 East First Street
  • St. Luke’s Employee Parking Lot - 119 North 12th Ave East

In addition to the free parking you'll find in these ramps, it's also good to note that all parking meters downtown will also be free of charge after 5:30 PM.

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