The strike has begun for snow plow drivers/operators in St. Louis County.  These maintenance workers represented by Teamsters Local 320 rejected the county's "last best final offer" for a three-year contract (running 2020 - 2022) - mainly over the sick leave accrual cap that the contract offers.  In all, 168 Public Works employees are involved in the strike - in a variety of positions - the most visible of which are the county's snowplow drivers.

It's those snowplow driver positions that has garnered the most attention from the general public - seeing as how it's January, in the winter, in perhaps one of the most-snowiest areas of the country.

There are (as always) two sides to the issue.  But probably most people are most concerned with when and how their roads and highways will be plowed during the work stoppage and how can they obtain the latest information.

That last point has been made a little easier.  St. Louis County has put together an online portal of information about the strike situation - including background info, copies of the proposed contract(s), various maps such as plowing priority maps for roadways, and the like.  The county has suggested that as new and updated information becomes available during the strike process, this will be the spot to turn to for the most up-to-date data.  Click here to visit the county's website.

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