You may not own one today - but statistics say that you will in the future.  As electric cars become more prevalent, any initial unfamiliarity is fast becoming a thing of the past.

According to registration information, 2.1% of Americans currently drive an electric vehicle.  And while that number may seem small, it represents an almost doubling from the year prior (1.3%) and almost the same result from two years ago (.86%).  More impressive is the AAA survey that suggests that 20% of Americans plan to make their next vehicle an electric one.

Perhaps the biggest question most people have in regards to electric vehicles is "where can I charge them"?  I'll admit - I have never seen an electric charging station and I wondered if there were any in our area.

Surprisingly - to me at least - there are quite a few places to charge an electric vehicle in the Northland.  Duluth is home to 8 charging stations, Superior has 2, the Cloquet/Carlton area has one, Two Harbors offers 2 stations, and there are even a variety of them on the Iron Range.  You can click here to visit on interactive map that provides a wealth of details about where they are located and what types of power/services they provide.

Here's a brief rundown of the Twin Ports locations:


  • Indian Point Campground:  7000 Pulaski Street
  • Northstar Ford:  1420 Miller Trunk Highway
  • Depot Parking:  602 W Michigan Street
  • Duluth Supercharger:  200 West 1st Street
  • Holiday Inn:  200 West Superior Street
  • Duluth Transportation Center Public Parking:  228 W Michigan Street
  • Endion Station Solar Canopy:  1 Lake Place Drive
  • University of Wisconsin-Duluth:  1049 University Drive



  • Benna Ford:  3022 Tower Avenue
  • Epicurean Factory Outlet:  257 B Main Street



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